Conducted Tastings

What is a good wine?

A good wine is one that has been grown in the best conditions, produced using the best methods and drunk in the best company!   But no matter how “good” a wine is if you don’t like the taste, what good is it?

Taste is a very personal thing, different wines appeal to different people.

For a Conducted Group Wine Tasting:
We will bring along a selection of wines for you to taste (between 8 and 12 different wines).  We will tell you a little bit about the wine, for instance: where it comes from, the grape variety, how it was made.  Geoff will have personally met with most of the growers and have tasted their wines at source.

There will then be an opportunity to taste the wine for yourself and make your own judgement as to whether it is to your liking by scoring the wine on your own Tasting Sheet.  Award your favourites with 1, 2, or 3 stars, or even higher depending on your taste and adding comments as you go along.

It is best if the tasting is accompanied with light refreshment such as breads, cheese and savoury biscuits, or similar.  This helps to clean the palate between wines and allow the tasting process to be a little more accurate.

After the tasting there will be an opportunity to order any of the wines which you have tasted.

Please ring Geoff, let him know how many people are in your group.

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