About Geoff Walker

Geoff Walker of York, is dedicated to supplying high quality wines from small single estate vineyards, directly to the British public.  He selects with great care and passion, the wines that we would not readily see or taste in the UK.

Geoff’s interest in wine started in 1969, when he worked for British Transport Hotels as a stock-taker counting, amongst other items, bottles of wine.  The variety and vast differences fascinated him and drove him to discover more.  The dream was to have his own company bringing in wines, which he could personally recommend after having tasted them for himself.

After many years in the trade as retail shop manager and wine consultant for a large importing company, he thought again about bringing to the UK, wines that the ever- growing wine drinking public, would be bowled over by.

In May 2006, Geoff and a few friends visited Italy, on holiday, and visited some local wine growers, where he realised that this level of such high quality was definitely needed in the UK. On his return, the friends started to request more wine from Italy, and finally after a thoughtful few years Geoff took the plunge.

In April 2010, Geoff visited a small number of Italian wine growers, who made their wine around the shores of the famous Lake Garda, in Lombardy, Northern Italy.  Without exception, they were all passionate about the wine they produce, and through Geoff, were happy to export to the UK for the first time.

Geoff finally decided that the time was right to realise his dream…


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