About Our Wines

Geoff Walker of York is dedicated to supplying high quality wines from small single estate vineyards, directly to the British public.  He selects with great care and passion, the wines that we would not readily see or taste in the UK.

In 2006 he organised trip for a group of wine lovers with the sole intention of buying wine for their own personal use.  But you can’t keep a good thing secret and others wanted to taste too!  Since then Geoff has visited Lake Garda in Italy, the Rhone Valley and Champagne regions of France, Rioja and Penedes in Spain, (and even … Norway!) in search of wines that have that bit of something special about them.

All our wines have been tasted and chosen personally by Geoff.  He chooses only those wines which make the grade and meet his own high standards.

The wine making process has to be right.  He chooses wines that are made by the traditional methods, where the grapes are hand picked, pre-selected and where possible soft–pressed, ensuring only the highest quality juice is used to make the wine, without the need for unnecessary additives and chemicals.

The quality of the wine has to be of a high standard and the grower has to show passion for his work.  The fermentation process must be traditional and well respected by the grower, which in turn, guarantees a high quality product.  The ageing process must be of a high standard to ensure a quality-finished wine.

The presentation also pays a big part in the selection process, the label, the bottle shape, etc. all add to the overall character and image of the wine.  Take a closer look at some of the bottles; Chateau Saint Nabor from the Rhone Valley for example, which is embossed with the Grower’s individual logo.

Without exception, the growers are passionate about the wines they produce, and through Geoff, were happy to export to the UK, for some, for the first time.

Please remember to add the cost of delivery to the prices you see here on the website – contact us for details

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